Artist and Critic Mohamed Al-Obaidi said about Iraqi Artist Maher AL-SAMERAEI
Ceramic / 2012 / Property of ibrahimi collection
الفنان العراقي ماهر السامرائي
"يعطينا في نتاجه الخزفي كيانات ملموسة وكأنك ترى أعمالا تشبه المقولات حتى وإن لم تكن عليها أي عبارات، يمزج أفكاره مع نتاجه الخزفي وفق كيانات ووحدات قل نظيرها وهذا يقود عادة إلى نوع من التعقيد "
محمد العبيدي
Iraqi Artist Maher AL-SAMERAEI
“He gives us during his ceramic works tangible entities, as if you see works similar to the statements even if they have no words, he mixes his ideas with his product according to entities and units that have no counterpart and this usually leads to a kind of complexity”
Mohamed Al-Obaidi