Critic Suhail Sami Nader said about Artist Delair Shaker
Untitled / Mixed Media on Board / 2008 / Property of ibrahimi collection
Iraqi Artist Delair Shaker
“Shadows of Places that which artist Delair Shaker conceals is more than what he reveals in his artwork as Shaker persists in constructing art pieces that are not confined by a single narrative, even when they are inspired by a very specific and personal incident"
Critic Suhail Sami Nader
الفنان العراقي دلير شاكر
"ظلال الأماكن التي يخفيها الفنان دلير شاكر أكثر من ما يكشفه في عمله الفني حيث يواصل شاكر في بناء القطع الفنية التي لا تقتصر على سرد واحد، حتى عندما تكون مستوحاة من حادث خاص وشخصي جدا"
الناقد سهيل نادر